Playing the biggest hits and artists.

Top Hits 24 plays the biggest hits and artists, 3 of the most iconic shows, hosting seasonal events like parties and more.



Top Hits Rock

Our new radio station has just been released!

The best songs, the best artists

Non-Stop Music

We play the best songs from Pop to Dance, we pick the songs that we want and play them. Our playlist has all the songs that you need and our advertisements are short that last for 3 minutes to give you best listening experience.

Iconic Shows

Our shows are presented by the worlds famous. DJ Mark. We have 2 shows that run every Saturday and Sunday.

Top Hits 24 Weekender With DJ Mark
Top Hits 24 Afternoon Show With DJ Mark
New Feature!

Shuffle Playlist

We have a new feature that allows the playlist on our radio stations to play in random order. Last time the playlist would be over and over again and that would get tiring of hearing the same song at the same order.

The best audio, better listening experience

High Quality Audio

Our radio have HD (high definition) audio, that can make our audio more crisp and better to listen.

Getting more listeners

Connecting With Online Radio Websites

We are on multiple online radio sites to promote and get more listeners from their favourite online radio sites.

Feel good music to get your day started.